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Pride Eskasoni Prensent:

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our new website!!! 2019 is definitely a year of great abundance, it's the year of the pig after all, hi pig how are ya? Whats new with Pride Eskasoni this year? We are happy to announce first of all, our new permanent date for our Annual Pride Festival!!!

We will have our Pride Festival on the second last week of September every year!!!!

We also are happy to announce our new Line of Merch!! We will be taking orders so you could get your hoodies and t-shirts and represent our brand Kepmite'lsi!!!.

We are also happy to reveal our brand new logo!! designed by a great designer who took our requirements, and was able to represent who we are as Pride Eskasoni and what we stand for. Last but not least, we are happy to announce our very first Pride Eskasoni Two Spirit Pageant coming this September 2019, during our Annual Eskasoni Pride Festival. We will be taking names to sign up on our website, registration is free, and its going to be the first of its kind in Unama'ki Reserves!! Registration End in July, Pageant Practice Begins in August. Kepmite'lsi!!!

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